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SUPPOrT This Bill

SUPPOrT This Bill

Aside from the tools provided by the National Society of Genetic Counselors, you can show your unified support with the following.

Psychology Patient
Politician Greeting Children
Political Conference
Virtual Meeting

Write to your Representative

and encourage others to as well. It takes less than 1 minute with this tool.

Ask your family and friends to do the same.

Share Your Patient Experience 

NSGC is looking for patient stories to advocate for this bill. These stories are the most compelling for members of congress to hear.

Sign Up to be Part of the NSGC Grassroots Effort

Encourage Organizations to Sign On in Support of this Bill

If you work with patient advocacy organizations or health systems, contact those groups and encourage them to sign on in support of this bill.

Be Part of the Social Media Buzz!

This can mean posting that you support H.R. 2144, posting about it, sharing this website, changing your social media profile photo to this graphic, posting on the designated days NSGC selects, or asking your followers to fill out the letters to their reps.


Always use #AccessToGCs

Write to your rep
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